These photographs, probably shot january 1967, were taken from the french magazine l’Automobile february 1967. Miura no 0862 was the 2nd Miura built, on the first chassis, as seen at the Turin november 1965 motor show. Like 0706, the 3rd prototype,  it has a trap  door on the roof, which is a sliding panel operated from the inside, to let the air out of the cockpit.

French journalist Etienne Cornil, who became soon after Lamborghini press relation man, noted that “the Lamborghini Miura surely will have a big commercial success. It’s price (7 700 000 lires) offers a technicial conception ahead of his time and unequivalent performances” and “114 orders were placed at the beginning of 1967”.


 Photos Copyright © 1967/2006 L'Automobile/Philippe Muratori


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