Since a long time, the credit of designing the Miura almost entirely went to Marcello Gandini, who replaced Giorgetto Giugiaro at Bertone. Giugiaro left Bertone for Ghia in December 1965. He had the time to draw the basic lines of the Miura. Giugiario recently said that 70% of the Miura design is his. Anyway, what is important is the result: the Miura is a true masterpiece. La piu bella. Designer Piero Stroppa (who worked at Bertone from 1965 to 1970) assisted these two designers at Betone on the Miura project.



Below are some rarely seen sketchs made by Giugiaro:

Corvair Testudo influence and scissors doors proposal years before the Countach!


Iso Grifo influence?





The design evolves. Below are some sketchs made by Gandini: 





Below a sketch made by Piero Stroppa: 




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