Glen Kohut’s International Lamborghini Registry. The most comprehensive Lamborghini website on the InterNet. Please register (send photos, chassis/engine nos, known history) of any Lamborghini you know of.


Simon Kidston’s Miura Register site. A great source of information on Miuras.


Chris Holl's page restoration of Miura no 3901


Mark Smeyer’s excellent and very complete site.


Jack Riddell’s and Fred Paroutaud’s site and mailing list for classic Lamborghinis. site with great informations on Miuras


P400 Parts list, a site with very good technical informations on Miuras


The official Automobili Lamborghini web site.


Lamborghini Club of Canada web site (president Glen Kohut).


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Lamborghini Club America web site (president Jim Heady).


Lamborghini Owners Club web-site (president Jim Kaminski).   A very complete site from France.   Matteo Stucchi’s site with beautifull photographs from Switzerland.      Yo’s Super Photo Collection site, superb quality photos  Superb Lamborghini restorations (German site)




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