For the 35th anniversary of the Lamborghini Miura (the first rolling chassis was seen on November 3rd, 1965), Joe Sackey, a famous and very enthusiastic Miura owner, manage to gather as much Miuras as possible. The event was a huge success: 27 Miuras were on display on the field of the Quail Lodge Golf Club, in Carmel, for the Concorso Italiano on Friday, August 18th 2000 (see the detailed Miura Reunion Plan). Even at Sant’Agata Bolognese, at the time the cars were produced, there were not as many Miuras at the same time!

Special Miuras like the third prototype (0706), the first production car (0979), the last production car (5110), one of the 5 ultra-rare SVJ (4934), the ex-Shah of Iran special SV (4870) could be seen, among others. Miuras were coming as far as Hong Kong (4311) and Geneva (5110) to attend the show. Pretty impressive!



On Saturday, August 19th 2000, the 17th Mile Drive Tour reunited 12 Miuras to convoy. The gas stop caused quite a sensation! A beautifull caravan.

A special thanks to Joe Sackey and Jim Kaminski who organized this fabulous event, the owners, and all the others people involved in this project for making possible that historic moment.                          


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