Miuras 0979 (1st car sold) and 0706 (the 3rd prototype) at the Monterey 2000 meeting







Miura P400 no 3492 on the road


Beautifully restored Miura P400 no 3492


Rare photo of the first Miura, chassis no 0509. Here it is in its first configuration, as seen at the

Geneva show in March 1966. The famous horizontal louvres were first seen at the Paris show,

 in October 1966


Second Miura, chassis no 0862 built on the first chassis photographed in january 1967 

Photo Copyright © 1967/2006 L'Automobile/Philippe Muratori



Italian singer/performer "Little Tony" with his first of 3 Miuras. This is a P400 chassis no 3252 

Photo courtesy of  Tom Mertens



SV no 4884 at the 2006 Concorso Italiano

Photo Copyright © 2006 Jack Riddell


40th anniversary European Miura Tour in Monaco

Photo Copyright © 2006 Cyril Teste


Jota recreation chassis no 3033 on the 40th anniversary European Miura Tour

Photo Copyright © 2006 Swisscarsightings.com


P400S no 4377 driven at 288 km/h by french journalist Jose Rosinski. 

Photo Copyright © 1970/2006 Sport-Auto/Philippe Muratori



Early P400 no 3111 photographed in 1967 in France

Photo Copyright © 1967/2006 Auto-journal/Philippe Muratori





Miura S no 4551 photographed in 1971 in front of Champlain bridge, Montréal.

 This the second “S” imported in Canada, the first one appeared in the film “Red” and was a private importation.

Photo Copyright © 2006 Auto Loisirs/Philippe Muratori 




2006 Lamborghini Miura Concept by Walter de’ Silva

Copyright © Automobili Lamborghini SpA 




Miura S no 4476 at the 40th Miura meeting in Monterey Ca

Photo Copyright © 2005 Philippe Muratori 

“40 Years of Miura” logo designed by Luc Donkerwolker

Copyright © Automobili Lamborghini SpA 



Fabulous Jota recreation on the road in Sant’Agata, May 2003

Photo Copyright © 2003 Philippe Muratori 



SV no 5110 at the 40th meeting in Sant’Agata, May 2003

Photo Copyright © 2003 Philippe Muratori  




SV no 5018 at the 35th meeting in Monterey, Ca in August 2000

Photo Copyright © 2000 Philippe Muratori



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