In the late 70s / early 80s, at least 3 Miuras were transformed in targa style by Michael Sheehan, at European Auto Restoration in Costa Mesa, California. These cars were chassis no 3120 (probably converted by Sheehan but not confirmed),  3270 and 3616.


Chassis no 3120 was advertised for sale in 2000 by Gary Roberts, in Ca, USA: the mechanical was completely apart, 39000$ was the asking price at the time. Where is it today?






Chassis no 3270, pictures from the Coltrin/Marchet book.










Chassis no 3616: in 1991 it was advertised "for sale,
unrestored, running when taken apart, rust repairs completed, 135000$ obo,
Tom Shaughnessy, Ca”.
In the 90s: complete motor and trans rebuild, w/suspension rebuild by










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